I raised Black Wyandotte bantams as a child. In July of 2022, Billy and I went to an auction for my birthday. While there I came across a pen of Black Wyandotte bantams. I told Billy that I hadn't seen any of those type birds since I showed back in 4-H. Little did I know that decided my fate! Billy bought the cage of birds; a rooster and 3 little hens. The rooster is real typey, but he had too much white on his wing feathers. With that in mind, I started looking for a new rooster. I had the hardest time finding any birds in Tennessee and since the original birds came for an auction, I had no way of contacting the seller. I finally found a breeder off of Facebook. At the end of December 2022, I had purchased 4 new birds that shipped from Weymouth Wyandotte in New Jersey. I love my birds. I did get two chocolate pullets from Weymouth Wyandotte with the thought of having another color variety.   

The flock is NPIP certified!


  •  BEST RCCL - Volunteer State Poultry Ass., April 2023 - Dickson, TN
  • SHOW CHAMPION - Dickson Cty Fair 2023 - Dickson, TN