Welcome to Cordle Farm. We are located in Dickson, TN about 45 minutes west of Nashville. I have been raising and showing registered Lamancha dairy goats since 1995. I had goats under the herd name of Daylily Ridge with my mother and sisters until 2015 when I changed my herd name to Cordle Farm. I have had seven of the various breeds recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association but the Lamancha breed is by far my favorite for their small ears and big personalities. The herd is currently DNA typed and all when you purchase a Cordle Farm kid it will be parentage verified. I am in the process of Alpha S1 Casein the herd. Cordle Farm also participates in Linear Appraisal. It has been a few years since the herd has been to more than a one to two shows a year, but the goal is to get them out of the barn and back into the show ring again. While we only made it to two shows in the 2019 season, Cordle Farm brought home a Senior Best in Show, 2 Senior Grand Champions, 1 Res Senior Grand Champion, 1 Junior Grand Champion and 2 Junior ResGrand Champions. Several of the does have milk stars and one is even been in the top ten several times.

Thank you for your interest in Cordle Farm.

PS. I will update with better pictures of the girls and boys when I can rope in some help to take pics.